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Product guidelines

Correctness and necessary quality of your company goods and services placement at the site Penatis.com directly affect the ranking of commodity items while searching in index resources, as well as the amount of attracting potential customers.

Commodity items which have a precise and qualitative description significantly increase effectiveness of the existing proposal, either directly at the site, or in the various search systems.

We draw your attention to the fact that goods and services while moderating can be blocked if they do not meet the rules below.

1. When registering commodity items it is not allowed to post:

1.1. Goods and / or services which are legally subject to certification and / or licensing, without the provision of a certificate and / or license, respectively. Please provide color copies of certificates and / or licenses to the Penatis.com. customer support service by e-mail support@penatis.com

1.2. Information that does not contain commodity items or contains commodity items that do not meet the subject of the site.

1.3. Information about goods and services the name and description of which contain capital letters (except for traditional abbreviations), punctuation that goes beyond the standards of its use (e.g., "" "?" "*** "and so on), the spelling of words with spaces between l e t t e r s.

1.4. Information about goods and / or services that does not obviously reflect reality and is not relevant from the point of view of common sense (e.g., "slippers for dinosaurs").

1.5. Images and texts, infringing the rights of third party, trade secret, patent law.

1.6. Images and texts containing spelling, punctuation, syntax mistakes and profanity, obscene and offensive language.

1.7. Search spam and disconnected sentences when registering commodity items.

1.8. Duplication of commodity items (using identical names and / or the goods and / or services of one company for placement in different index categories)

1.9. Place information in commodity items, which is not a product and / or service. For this purpose, we recommend using the section My Account such as "Company Profile", "Company", "News", "Presentations".

1.10. Information with the contact data in the names of the goods and / or services (addresses and phone numbers, e-mail, URL web site)

1.11. The terms "buy", "sell", "exchange", "order".

1.12. Different spelling of the same commodity item (e.g., "The fabric for curtains. Linen" and "Linen fabric for curtains").

1.13. Information with false prices in order to attract additional attention to the supplier.

1.14. Pornographic and erotic oriented pictures as well as images that can excite the natural instincts of a sexual nature.

2. Community item name must correspond to the certain rules.

2.1. For goods and services placement, use the appropriate sections of the Personal Cabinet, in particular, the "Goods and Services" and "Catalogues".

2.2. Community item name should not contain listings of goods and / or services. One product (service) - one position.

2.3. Product and / or service name should be as specific as possible. It is recommended to include to the product name its key, fundamental characteristics reflecting the specifics of this type of product (e.g., "The fabric for curtains. Linen")

3. Community item description must correspond to the certain rules.

3.1. Community item description should be concise and detailed.

3.2. Brief description is required.

3.3. Community item description should contain only information that directly describes the goods (service).

3.4. Community item description should be as much informative as possible for users.

3.5. It is recommended to provide community item description, if possible, which contains the parameters of goods, its scope and characteristics, as well as data of delivery methods (service), and packaging.

3.6. It is recommended to include information in community item description about special offers to customers as for products and / or services, if such offers are provided by the supplier.

4. Community item images and photos must correspond to the certain rules.

4.1. It is recommended not to use small photos.

4.2. The image should certainly fit the designated item.

5. Availability and price of community item must be current.

6. Category and type of product (service)

6.1. Placing a particular community item is possible entirely at the last level of categorization.

6.2. Community item must be appropriate for chosen category and type of product (service)

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