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Carpet is a luxury item, an indicator of high social status and material security, the subject of accounting, an integral part of the interior of any style.

Carpet floors of great grief East sultans, decorated the walls of Western European palaces, belonging by right persons of royal descent. Artistic merit of the carpet can not be questioned and often a tray in the gift of dignitaries.

Woven, tufted, machine-made - carpets, which are pleasing to the eye, adorn even the most unpresentable room, emphasize luxury palace designs.

Carpets made of nylon, art silk, natural silk, high quality wool from New Zealand - an important and lacking shade palette for your home, part of the energy of harmony, a way to achieve comfort.

The secret lies in the magnificence of the carpet beauty of design, color combinations, the correct choice of material and of course as a producer.

In the league table of investment objects carpets occupy 15th place, behind only the antique furniture (from the interior). Unlike other art objects, including carpets practically not encountered counterfeits.

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Official representative
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Less then 5 people
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Ukraine, Kiev, office 44, Khreshchatyk st. 25, Kyiv
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+38 (050) 3284050 - Елена

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