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“We have the pleasure to design and produce our sofas since more than forty years, using the best materials and the highest craftsmen’s techniques.”

Our history begins in the years 60th with our first family business, whose specialization was in style tufting and where the capitonè was done with vegetal material.
In 1977 borns Egidio Lunardelli company , the classical branch, who enlarge his experience working leather and starts our travel trough classic and it becomes our daily lifestyle.
During all these years this company becomes one of the leading company in Italy in the field of classical sofas.
Our frames are in solid wood, exclusively, than we put elastic belts or springs, where required, and tuft with different kind of material, as special foams, feathers where required or technical product like Fiberlatex, that is a combination of latex and silicon fibre.
Our main characteristic is the taste in design and combination of fabrics and hand made trimmings : every year, we design from 4 to 8 models and only a part of it will goes in production, because we select the shape and comfort of our sofas, before to suggest to our customers.
Combinations of fabrics and trimmings are the final touch : we combine different kind of fabrics, like velvet, damask, silk or all highest qualities of leather, like the natural aniline dye or the wax finishing
All product we use on our sofas, are of Italian origin.

Now, after so many years, we can say our company is one of leading company in artisan sofas because of our devotion to a style : the classic.

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Италия, Меда, via Piemonte, 6 - 22060 Cabiate,
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+39 (031) 768402 - Export

Основатели компании

  • Egidio Lunardelli Egidio Lunardelli
  • Osvaldo Lunardelli Osvaldo Lunardelli
    Ceo and export manager

Товары и услуги, которые компания предоставляет

Production of Classical Sofa & armchairs, luxury brand

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