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  • “Vernissage of Architectural and Design Ideas”
    “Vernissage of Architectural and Design Ideas”

    Elevators and terraces, wooden doors and windows, floristic and elite plumbing ...
    More? Certainly.
    Systems for under-floor heating, tasting fine wines, tea ceremony, a collection of women's hats ...

  • "Ideas Room"
    "Ideas Room"

    An ideal that has come true thanks to a surprising project, where maximum functionality is partnered to perfection with the right balance of original design and technical quality throughout.

  • Luxury - a synonym for magnificence
    Luxury - a synonym for magnificence

    The artist is entitled to an unconditional "yes" at the very moment when his soul is illuminated by creative revelation.
    There are people who are constantly, sincerely and completely faced with the similar state of affairs.

  • Factory story with faith in love
    Factory story with faith in love

    Imagination at times tends to subdue phenomena and objects, regardless of how much they are willing to take such "concessions".

  • "Without past there is no future"
    "Without past there is no future"

    The modern world could develop technology to unrecognizable lavel , but nothing can change the enthusiastic attitude to the classic design, embodied in the interiors of the highest level.

  • Distinctive feature of Zanaboni
    Distinctive feature of Zanaboni

    "Keep your back, ladies and gentlemen!"– Apparently, nothing more ... But how luxuriously!

  • "Fabrics can do everything!"
    "Fabrics can do everything!"

    Unconventional, unexpected, at first glance, solutions create the feeling of originality, breathtaking beauty and such a desired convenience.

  • Music is preferred to listen, pictures – to look at and interiors ...
    Music is preferred to listen, pictures – to look at and interiors ...

    True professionalism of architects Vadim and Elena Bastricheva determines own vision of space and how this space can be creatively transformed.

  • Reliability and high quality
    Reliability and high quality

    It is a question of reliability and high quality, which are like reliable partners accompany all Scaglioni activities.

  • City and country commissure
    City and country commissure

    Experts from a French bureau SOA Architectes came down to the intriguing point from a crucially new angle, it means that they decided to implant the village with all its peculiar amenities and advantages into a city.

  • Like calls to like
    Like calls to like

    Haute couture Guru (sorry for the stock phrase), Mr. Christian Lacroix, has got used to surprising people, or, if to be more precise, has taught us to be surprised at everything which the master touches.

  • Beautiful Spain
    Beautiful Spain

    Bold and at the same time carefully crafted combination of elements from the past and the present, led through fanciful interrelation of color, image and fabric structure, predictably elevates impression from the proposed collection to the height called ecstasy!

  • Real German quality
    Real German quality

    Fiber color and structure and design – are three unsinkable whales which constitute a confident foundation for operation of a huge team which confesses to draw its inspiration from the world around, independent of whether it deals with handmade carpets, finishing fabrics or designer wallpaper.

  • The desire to hide from sun is as old as humanity itself
    The desire to hide from sun is as old as humanity itself

    Reliability. Functionality. Aesthetics.
    Please rearrange these definitions in any sequence, closest to you – the result is the same and, according to tradition, will exceed your expectations.

  • Modern textile trends of France
    Modern textile trends of France

    Houles Company each year presents its new collection!
    Literally each of them represents a carefully calculated synthesis of classical ideas and modern trends!
    Fringes, piping, pompons and cords are arranged on wonderful fabrics in the most unthinkable and at the same time deeply thought-out combinations, like gem sands!

  • Triumphant way in Cologne, Germany
    Triumphant way in Cologne, Germany

    Pithiness and even dryness of terms conceal a world of amazing discoveries and unexpected revelations, and only helping hand of imagination will be able to bring a perceptive connoisseur of the beautiful to understanding unique opportunities offered by the company’s specialists today already in 35 countries of the world.

  • Heritage of Italy
    Heritage of Italy

    If we agree that dreams are sometimes able to predict the future, their color scale shall acquire the first-priority meaning.

  • The detail is small but quite relevant…
    The detail is small but quite relevant…

    How much or how little does a man sometimes need for… (happiness, joy, success, self-fulfillment?)
    A lot?
    Right. Otherwise how can we explain practically continuous target-oriented movement which can be changed only to movement towards a new line at that very moment when the previous one has been already reached?
    A little?
    This is also correct. Aren’t we ready to give “half kingdom” just for a hardly noticeable touch?

  • Maison Claire
    Maison Claire

    This is philosophy, ideology, attitude to life and art. This is air without which it’s impossible to breathe.
    And epoch with its unchangeable individuality (where, as we keep on saying, You are the central figure) naturally absorbs the newest trends in design and decoration of interior premises.

  • Interview with Inga Davydova, design studio Bon - Art
    Interview with Inga Davydova, design studio Bon - Art

    Crisis and creativity, or a crisis in the works. No, in the work place of the crisis is not provided. It was so says Inga Davydov, chief inspirer of the design studio BON ART, Donetsk.

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