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  • Inspired by history
    Inspired by history

    Taking a look at the collection that the company MORRIS & Co offers for interior decoration in 2013, you come to the understanding of unquestionable significance of the historical process and, of course, to MORRIS & Co masters’ ability to interpret reality of eras into timeless works of art.

  • Comfort. Protection. Aesthetics.
    Comfort. Protection. Aesthetics.

    Création Baumann’s fabrics Silver II, meet all these criteria and can control the flow of light and heat entering the room.


    Luxury now
    Ahae at Versailles: The Extraordinary Within the Ordinary. The Korean photographer Ahae takes snapshots of the wild, natural environment as seen from the same window at his home near Seoul. Juxtaposed with the manicured precision of Le Notre's gardens at a new exhibition ot Versailles, the seemingly simple images created by Ahae can be viewed as both art and as a warning about global warming.

  • Best from Italy!
    Best from Italy!

    We are pleased to introduce you the NEW PRODUCTS presented by GLAS ITALIA to the "Salone del Mobile" 2013. "Fuori Salone", at Kerakoll Design Gallery, Glas Italia also presented the new DOORS and PARTITIONS SYSTEM program, a project coordinated by Piero Lissoni.

  • Famous designers for well-known brand: JAB concern bestsellers
    Famous designers for well-known brand: JAB concern bestsellers

    Famous designers for well-known brand: JAB concern bestsellers

  • “Silk interior”
    “Silk interior”

    German company KT Exclusive offers an assortment of rich, luxurious silk interior fabrics with embroidery and without. Unique designs are developed in our own design studio and almost entirely produced in Italian factories.

  • Fragrance of your home
    Fragrance of your home

    Italy, the country with the highest cultural heritage, carefully maintains its status in everything.


    “La bottega” of Olivia & Marino, a premium brand of the Barilla Group, makes its TV debut with a series of commercials focused on the idea of the Happy Hour as a moment of domestic pleasure.

  • Even the walls develop a small child
    Even the walls develop a small child

    Acrylic-coated wallpaper JELLY BEANS – original ecologically pure collection of wall coverings for children's rooms from KT Exclusive.

  • To make a great rug, you need to love weaving
    To make a great rug, you need to love weaving

    Imagine that the day begins with the fact that your foot steps on soft and pleasant to the touch carpet. You like its color, it's so homey, familiar to you, warm – the morning started well.

  • Three days in Moscow!
    Three days in Moscow!

    All about the profession of interior designer with a tutor of the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London - Lyndall Fernie!

  • Delicate finishing
    Delicate finishing

    Designers of KT Exclusive, inspired by masterpieces of the 18-19 ages, have created a collection of fabric wall coverings of brand EPOCA– TEMPO D'ORO, LAUTEZZA, RAFFAELLO, FABERGE, TESORO and TEATRO.

  • LEGACY from KT Exclusive
    LEGACY from KT Exclusive

    Neoclassicism is always a popular trend in decorating the interior. And although it has long experienced many different cultural influences, Italian style is the most noticeable here and visible to the naked eye.

  • “Vernissage of Architectural and Design Ideas”
    “Vernissage of Architectural and Design Ideas”

    Elevators and terraces, wooden doors and windows, floristic and elite plumbing ...
    More? Certainly.
    Systems for under-floor heating, tasting fine wines, tea ceremony, a collection of women's hats ...

  • "Ideas Room"
    "Ideas Room"

    An ideal that has come true thanks to a surprising project, where maximum functionality is partnered to perfection with the right balance of original design and technical quality throughout.

  • Luxury - a synonym for magnificence
    Luxury - a synonym for magnificence

    The artist is entitled to an unconditional "yes" at the very moment when his soul is illuminated by creative revelation.
    There are people who are constantly, sincerely and completely faced with the similar state of affairs.

  • Factory story with faith in love
    Factory story with faith in love

    Imagination at times tends to subdue phenomena and objects, regardless of how much they are willing to take such "concessions".

  • "Without past there is no future"
    "Without past there is no future"

    The modern world could develop technology to unrecognizable lavel , but nothing can change the enthusiastic attitude to the classic design, embodied in the interiors of the highest level.

  • Distinctive feature of Zanaboni
    Distinctive feature of Zanaboni

    "Keep your back, ladies and gentlemen!"– Apparently, nothing more ... But how luxuriously!

  • "Fabrics can do everything!"
    "Fabrics can do everything!"

    Unconventional, unexpected, at first glance, solutions create the feeling of originality, breathtaking beauty and such a desired convenience.

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