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Trash with Style

Trash with Style

Sometimes we should look at ourselves with the eyes of another person in order to “change our tune” – and our attitude to the household industry.


The enterprise, which at the beginning of its development used to be an import company situated in Jacksonville, Illinois, today is a sought-after interior design studio with a wide range of services called “Euro Trash”. Its secret is the beauty of old, forgotten treasures from Europe. Designer and manager of the studio Annie Brahler loves exuberance and small “defects” of antiques. In this respect, the term “trash” is purposely formulated in a somewhat exaggerated manner: “I like shapes and textures, and do not necessarily look for a fancy stuff,” she says.


Her “hunting grounds” are preferably Holland, France and Belgium. You can see it in her interior designs as well. Too brand new and absolutely obvious is not for her. Baroque, Rococo even more, are pattern styles in her works. Nonetheless, her supreme goal is that a home still stays cozy. The recipe for this: “Exaggerating in just one thing is a good way not to overdo it.”


But what distinguishes the “Euro Trash” from real European culture of interior design? It is an uninhibited use of historical heritage. Styles of different eras and materials can be combined; furniture can have signs of use and does not have to be perfect. The main thing here is originality. As to Annie Brahler, she doesn’t accept reproductions in any case. So, she adroitly avoids the risk to get a cheesy look of interior. For example, gold applications should always be made of real leaf gold - otherwise they will soon look cheap and not natural. Taking into account this fact, any amount of golden picture frames, candlesticks, chandeliers, lamps and tables can be distributed to your heart’s content.


As for textiles, Annie Brahler relies on functionality. Her curtains are made of beautiful fabrics - but they have, as she admits, primarily a mundane, everyday purpose. Darken rooms, improve the acoustics - and no reason to give up on style: the chairs upholstered with brown velvet, the armchairs covered with light-coloured flax to give a Scandinavian touch and the cotton curtains that hide the entrance to the next room. All of this creates the charm of a cozy home.


We now tend to furnish homes with new, inspired by the old days items – the fact of which remains unnoticeable. Perhaps, it is because of the fear of precious objects considered to be “originals” that make us admire them in a museum. They’re made for use! In America, there is little historical heritage - and therefore there is no doubt that antiquities are respected much.


Chabby Chic and country-style are well-known now! They can be treated as you want. European craftsmanship in American interiors - new and sassy, with a professional choice of textures, colors and styles - that deserves a great respect. As it opens our eyes to the treasures that we have in Old Europe. They just need to be preserved. The “Euro Trash” helps us with that. Thank you!


Author : A.C.


Courage to exaggerate – Annie Brahler from “Euro Trash” definitely has it! © Euro Trash.


White comfortable armchairs with headrest from Europe are made perfectly, © Euro Trash


Textiles do not have to be expensive to look eye-catching. Simple armrests, narrow tablecloths and curtains are enough to make the effect. © Euro Trash


Old, trashy, crazy – but harmonious, © Euro Trash.


Wedding banquet in the south of the USA could be held in France, ©Euro Trash.


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