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  • 3D BLINDS Elegance has become functional
    3D BLINDS Elegance has become functional

    Make a bet on unique elegance and perfect functionality with 3D blinds by Copahome. They are made of slats that move between the two veils, which provides vast light adjustment and always contemporary appearance. The design of these blinds is reminiscent of the organic trend of Japanese design.
    In addition to visual comfort, 3D blinds also provide soft sound and thermal insulation, and a UV filter protects the floor and furniture from discoloration caused by sun exposure.

  • In sight of Penatis #1
    In sight of Penatis #1

    In this section, every week we publish news about the products of our current and future
    trading partners. What are these products? They can be described as useful, progressive, creative,
    innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly and durable.

  • Russian collection design / Valentina Andreeva
    Russian collection design / Valentina Andreeva

    "Here's a chair - you sit on it, here's a table - you eat at it"... But there is still a desire to sit on something aesthetically pleasing. Somebody prefers well-known Western brands, someone will become a customer of luxury furniture ateliers (like Mrs. Ruby) and someone will go further because their perception of interior design is conceptual and philosophical – anyway, all roads lead to Mrs. Ruby.

  • People | DISCOVERIES
    People | DISCOVERIES

    The philosophy of ALEFBET brand is based upon the Hebrew letters and their

  • Portraits:  Mathias Ouvrard-needle artist
    Portraits: Mathias Ouvrard-needle artist

    Meeting with a Breton embroiderer, textile artist and "discoverer of cloth".
    Interview with Claire de Pourtales


    A new perspective to design was brought with design duo À Nous Deux, Oleg Morozov and Anna Proicheva, which took furniture back to the objects of desire awakening.

  • Great collaboration: The House of Scalamandré + Stubbs & Wootton
    Great collaboration: The House of Scalamandré + Stubbs & Wootton

    Beautiful craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail are just a few things one can expect from a Stubbs & Wootton slipper.

  • What do we really need for living after COVID 19?! Professional Opinion of Marina Putilovskaya
    What do we really need for living after COVID 19?! Professional Opinion of Marina Putilovskaya

    A while ago we looked down on the World, from a position of co-working and co-living. We believed that we didn’t need many goods, and that we could live in a 20-meter flat and fly around the world with a backpack…


    The Textile Academy NRW in Mönchengladbach is a new educational institution for the textile and clothing industry in the German-speaking area. Together with the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, the associations of the Rhenish and Northwest German textile and clothing industry are thus concentrating vocational training at one location.

  • Made in Italy
    Made in Italy

    MOTUS LEGNO is a young, dynamical company with a ready-made offer of various product items, but at the same time focuses on personalization of its products. The range of parquet is very wide: from small two-layer parquet staves to wide three-layer parquet staves with various types of finishing.

  • FLOU LEONARDO: the custom-made bed, especially for you
    FLOU LEONARDO: the custom-made bed, especially for you

    The Leonardo System indicates a true ‘change of pace’ in the 40 years of Flou’s history. The company has always been attentive when it comes to spreading the idea of a real sleep culture.
    It’s a unique and personalised solution, customised to suit each person’s needs and tailor-made to the point of embroidering the client’s name on each mattress.

  • Floor Facny Fashion
    Floor Facny Fashion

    We expelled the classic oriental our family house's rug from the living room and lived on the polished concrete or wooden floor because we believed that it was better suited to our lives. But at some point of time we noted that the ordinary interior lacks warmth and coziness. With our modern design we have removed the dust from the carpet image and finished with the former visual habits.

  • People | DISCOVERIES
    People | DISCOVERIES

    At the time the world market is flooded with cheap umbrellas from the Far East, Michel Heurtault still creates truly unique samples. This Parisian is either by vocation or master for the production of umbrellas on his own choice.

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