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Floor Facny Fashion

Floor Facny Fashion

Floor Facny Fashion

During the last years, legendary carpet return took place. Where do you see the reason for this? I believe that many people feel a dozy longing for the carpet, and its preciousness is rooted deep in the subconscious. We expelled the classic oriental our family house's rug from the living room and lived on the polished concrete or wooden floor because we believed that it was better suited to our lives. But at some point of time we noted that the ordinary interior lacks warmth and coziness. With our modern design we have removed the dust from the carpet image and finished with the former visual habits.



To what extent architects and designers can influence the creation of the carpet?

We offer 25 collections. And it's mainly about the offerings. Planners may, at their desire, define all the parameters, such as size, colors, mixture of fabrics and pattern. Almost 90% of our carpets are made on individual proposals.



What is the carpet's role inside the room in your opinion?

The carpet in the room can be placed as an object, as a sculpture, or can be deliberately placed in the background. The impact of the carpet in the interior can be checked with the help of a new Jan Kath’s computer application /Jan-Kath-App/. With its help you can take a picture of the desired room and with the finger touch "try to put" there our carpets.



What inspiration sources do you use?

Inspiration meets me everywhere. When visiting the museum, looking out from the airplane window, or walking in the jungle. The history of my family is also source of inspiration. My father and grandfather were carpets merchants, and I’ve got a deep connection with traditional ornaments. For example, in my "Heritage Era" collection I return "back to the roots" and "connect" the old patterns and technologies with the modern concepts. At the same time I'm working with different layers. For example, a traditional carpet may be the bottom layer, and it may be a so-called active layer on it.


How do your projects born from this all?

Everything is converted into 3D form by rendering. At the same time we observe every knot in the pixel form. So, you can imagine that the thinner the rug is, the more knots per square centimeter it has - the closer it approaches to the photo-realistic image, as you can see in our Spaceship collection. We can almost realistically display all the plans before they go into production.


How long does the weaving take?

If to talk about a custom-made carpet measuring about 2.5 x 3 meters, the weaving takes four knotters work for about three to four months. Therefore last six years we've been working also with large projects, such as hotels, shopping halls or halls for officials and delegations at airports, carpets with sewn pile. In such cases delivery time of the carpets, even very big-sized, is greatly reduced.


Source: www.designtextiles.com

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