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“The Bling Ring”

“The Bling Ring”

Beige is not in fashion anymore! At least in the world of celebrities. A new film by Sofia Coppola is an exciting story about teenagers in the age of media as well as a study on colours in interiors.


A night in Hollywood. A security camera shows blurry silhouettes of some people, entering a house. Having penetrated inside, they determinedly go from room to room until they reach the object of their desire: a dressing room, packed with fine designer shoes, clothes racks full of luxury brands, sparkling jewelry. However, not professionals are involved in the work. Only a few teenagers are hiding under the hoods of their sweaters in search of an ultimate thrill. The film about young people who break into houses of rich and famous people, does not only provide a great material for a sociological study, but also material in a wider sense of this word: upholstered furniture, curtains, cushions, rugs.


Sofia Coppola's fifth film, “THE BLING RING” represents a humdrum everyday life of teenagers and a luxury life of stars. It ruthlessly reveals fascination of a modern person for the glamorous world of celebrities. The shooting took place in such places as the house of Paris Hilton. The screenplay is based on “The Suspects Wore Louboutins”, an article by Nancy Jo Sales from the “Vanity Fair” magazine. You can read the article here.


Anne Ross, a set designer of “THE BLING RING”, who has already made an excellent work on the movie “Lost in Translation”, thanks to which she was nominated for the “Art Directors Guild Award”. Coppola and Anne Ross have been friends for 25 years and just as long as they have worked well together. For Ross there is no difference between friendship and work relationship. “Work is much more fun if you like spending time with one of your best friends”, she says. Coppola agrees with her: “I love shooting films with Anne, because she understands perfectly well what I like. She also has a very good eye and excellent taste. It was interesting for me to see how she would represent a world that symbolizes not a good taste. It was a difficult task, and she found a great solution.”


In order to better emphasize the contrasts between the teenagers who live in the expensive area of Calabasas in the Valley, and the stars, whose home is rather in downtown Los Angeles, the team sought out the celebrity homes and the McMansions, in which the representatives of the bling ring live. “The teenagers’ “beige world” became an important aspect of the film”, Ross says. “Sofia and I made a choice of a very specific colour palette. At the beginning of the film production, we had a photo of a street in the Valley. It was faded, overexposed, sun-flooded, and we decided that’s how it should look in the film. I think, sometimes Sofia has difficulties with shooting something she visually does not like. Moreover, a week of filming in a beige box is exhausting. But it happens so. Most people there live in such conditions.”


THE BLING RING is released on August 15, 2013. Emma Watson is starring. Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan play themselves in the film.


Author: F.S.


Paris Hilton and Emma Watson during “The Bling Ring” filming, © TOBIS Film


A woman's room in an expensive area of Calabasas, © TOBIS Film


A living room is also decorated mainly in beige, © TOBIS Film


Emma Watson wearing a yellow dress by Versace and in the beige room, © TOBIS Film


Sofia Coppola shows hopelessness by the means of beige, © TOBIS Film


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