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Nya Nordiska company presents a modern spring collection 2017

Nya Nordiska company presents a modern spring collection 2017



Nya Nordiska company presents a modern spring collection 2017 at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne (IMM Cologne) at the exhibition stand, modernized by Sebastan Gerkner. Expressive name of this spring collection by Nya Nordiska «Stroll» creates poetic inspiration. There's nothing alike in the international level, and it causes an uncontrollable desire to give free rein to imagination to exhaust all the creative possibilities.



Director Remo Roentgen understands the name "Stroll" absolutely literally as "intention to completely reinterpret key Nya Nordiska company's competence." For this purpose, the prototype, being an example, acquires a new solution and gets reloaded, divided into parts or gathered into one on a new basis, and for this purpose all the textile technology is applied, from textile, knitting and printing to mechanical fixing of dye on the fiber, and burning. Where the "Stroll" leads in the interior, depends on personal preference and application area: "Nya Nordiska offers a range from casual style to "gloss" and from natural fibers to flame-retardant fabrics, and also offers private customers and companies that enter into the contracts a wide range of the most modern designs" – sais Roentgen.

This range is divided into three thematic ranges, including the creative concept, which in the spring 2017 combines six tissue samples under the motto "Citylife". Having received the names according to the names of the famous quarters of world capitals, these fabrics emit their vitality and dynamism "Piccadilly" with handpainted-looking dots of watercolor, which optically weightlessly reveal the magic of their colors on transparent fabric, "Soho CS" with shimmering changing colors within line raster and "Södermalm CS" with bands of interpretation that acquires elegance thanks to finishing shrinkage thread. In the second segment, "Pure Perfection", there are seven products with natural fibers, pleasant materials and pastel colors, that carry the motto "Balance". So pattern of sea birds depicted in the background of the canvas in the form of a sketch evokes the theme of the sea. Translucent decorative fabric "Eriko" with a graphic combination of paper and fabric expresses the Asian purism, and furniture fabric "Cosy", similar to the knitted fabric, justifies its name with its elegant appearance and pleasant to the touch. The third column range "Luxury Life" with its nine exclusive fabrics invites to an elegant soiree, which will also be marked by extravagance: for this purpose luxury decorative fabric "Ashley" dispels the brilliant patterns of leaves on an almost photorealistic garden ornament with a magic glow, "Metropolitan" with its overprints performed thickened due to foaming paint sparkles like metal plates, and "Ava" turns classic lace into a modern cotton canvas of geometry and color purity. Therefore, the question of what stylistic direction to choose is just a matter of application area and individual preferences, because when using Nya Nordiska products as three worlds of collections, all the creative ways remain open.

Soho CS, 03 club und 01 sunrise


There also was a respective artistic prerequisite for opening the way for inspiring strolls, according to which Sebastian Gerkner has designed the exhibition stand on which Nya Nordiska is going to demonstrate collection of the same name at the IMM Cologne. Filigree design of the designer who has repeatedly worked with the Nya Nordiska is distinguished by ease and opportunity to review various options, views from different angles and perspectives that implement a clear message of the company and its exhibition stand.


Södermalm CS, 13 nero


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